Questions You must Ask Your Local Locksmith Before Hiring

 A locksmith can bail you out from a serious crisis. He can help you enter your home or car or help you gain access to an important document in your vault or a memorabilia in your cabinet. But can he be trusted just because he has a website, is saying so himself or you have read online reviews about his company? That may be a little too naïve.


Yes, while a professional looking website will help dispel some anxiety and make him more trustworthy, there will always be a lingering doubt as to whether he can really provide the services he has listed on his website or Facebook page. Locksmiths too have their specializations and core areas of expertise and that needs to be respected.


Each one is unique and asking the following questions will help you connect with him and understand whether he fits the description of someone who can handle your problem confidently and deliver a smart solution.



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Questions you should ask

 Do you hold a license to practice and are you insured?

 The most important question to be asked is obviously about his certificates and licenses. All states in the U.S. don’t have a strong licensing policy and is a totally unregulated profession. Hence, chances of fraud are very high. Highly professional and competent locksmith companies, however, have the required licenses and also hire people with the right apprenticeship training and those who have undergone those certificate courses.

Also, insurance is an important part of this strenuous and accident prone job. Professional locksmiths have the required insurance policies that provide them cover. If you meet a locksmith who has neither, well you can start looking for another one.

Is thorough background check conducted on employees? 

You may need to give access to your locksmith to an important vault, to the inner labyrinths of your home or leave your car with them. Can they be trusted? A professional locksmith company carries out a thorough background check on each of their employees. In a state like Nevada, each locksmith needs to carry a sheriff’s card which is provided only after thorough scrutiny of one’s profile and background. Have these been complied with? Get an answer.

What are their specializations?

A big locksmith company would usually provide a range of services. Even then, they may not cover all the aspects or deal in all kinds of locks, keys or security apparatus. Ask them to state their areas of strengths and expertise.

What are the charges for a particular service?  

If they don’t have a fixed rate card, don’t hire their services. Find out whether they charge on an hourly basis or on the basis of the number of pieces they are working on. Rates may vary as per the location too. So, specify your location before hiring a service. If you have enough time, ask them to first send you a written quotation list via email for all their services, if they aren’t available on their website already.

What is the warranty terms and conditions?

Will the locksmith provide a warranty? If so, for how long will it last? Which are the parts that will be covered by the warranty and what are the clauses of the warranty agreement? Warranty conditions vary widely. So, make proper queries before hiring a service.

Asking these questions to a locksmith will help you understand whether you have selected the right candidate for the job! Good luck with it!