Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Locksmith License


The trustworthiness and appeal of a locksmith company definitely increase when it has all the state and federal required licenses and permits to offer a particular service or sell items that attract sales tax. Without the right permits and work cards, it becomes difficult for a prospective client to make a differentiation between the different competitors as well as trust them with their homes, cars, vaults and cabinets.


There are many different licenses that are issued in the state of Nevada to companies or those who want to start a locksmith business. However, if you want to work as a technician in one of these companies, you would need a sheriff card similar to a work card. Let’s look at some of the common questions for licenses and work cards.


Sheriff card


What is a sheriff card?


A sheriff card is a work permit or card provided to individual practicing professionals, usually for a period of 5 years after which it needs to be renewed. Otherwise, it would lapse and you would become ineligible to work as a Las Vegas Locksmith. But, when you apply for the first time, a temporary card with a validity of 120 days is given to you during which thorough investigations on your background are carried out and discrepancies in your declarations can lead to revocation or temporary suspension of your permit.


A thorough background check is conducted by the local sheriff’s office on the applicant and it is determined whether he is competent and trustworthy enough to work in the Las Vegas region or other regions in Nevada as a locksmith.


What are the requirements?


A locksmith is expected to carry around his card always. Also, if he changes his principal place of business, he is expected to inform the local sheriff’s office about the same within 10 days of relocation.


What is the procedure obtaining a permit?


In order to obtain a sheriff card, you would have to appear for a personal interview, biometric test, and a photography session. A signed referral slip from a prospective employer is necessary for a sheriff card. A sheriff card is more limited in scope than a license. While a license needs to be renewed every year, it gives you the right to change trades. A work permit only allows you to work in one profession and any change requires a new permit.




A license is necessary if you plan to start your own locksmith business.


What is the first step?


The first step involves your decision regarding the structure of your business i.e. whether you want to function as a sole proprietary firm, LLC, corporation or a partnership firm. This will help you to decide on the exact license type you need to apply for and also the tax structure under which you would be taxed.


What are the different types of licenses available?


If you want your business to be a single entity proprietary business, you can apply for a DBA license that allows you to register a fictitious name if you don’t want to use your legal name for some reason. But, it won’t protect you from liabilities if your name is misused in some way.


An LLC license or an incorporation license will give you relief from financial and legal personal liability arising out of business transactions. You won’t need to file a DBA unless you want to use a different trade name than your LLC or incorporation name. Also, if you want to use your personal name as your trade name, you can do so without taking an assumed name.


Do I need a Federal EIN?


A federal EIN (employee identity number) is necessary for all businesses operating as an LLC, corporation or partnership firm. Sole proprietors who don’t work as employees or aren’t independent contractors won’t need a federal EIN.  


Do I need a sales permit?


As a locksmith, if you are selling taxable items like locks and other security equipment, you will have to apply for a state sales tax id as well. Additionally, wholesale, resale, reseller certificates are also necessary for trading in taxable items.


If I plan to hire employees, what licenses or certificates do I need in Las Vegas?


In the state of Nevada, if you plan to hire help for your locksmith business, you will need a state employer ID, a Nevada Federal Tax ID number, and a Nevada State Employer Tax ID number.


These are some basic questions and queries regarding the licensing policies and requirements to work as a locksmith in Nevada in general and Las Vegas in particular. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to put it across to our experts.